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Seminole County

With a business climate that has fostered quality development, this county has become home to a plethora of equally dynamic corporations. Industry growth in Seminole has taken several forms. Most notable is the establishment of corporate headquarters, such as American Automobile Association (AAA), Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Scholastic Book Fairs and Sears Home Improvement Products, as well as the emergence of many high tech companies, including CuraScript, NCR, Faro Technologies, Deloitte IT Consulting and Convergys. On-going expansion at the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), coupled with the state’s largest foreign trade zone designation, has helped SFB become the third most active international airport in Florida and the 12th most active in the United States.With over two million passengers annually, Orlando Sanford International(SFB) is ranked among the 100 busiest airports in the United States. International service is available through Icelandair and SST Air. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #250 in Seminole County is the largest in the state. Its geographic boundaries encompass SFB, the Port of Sanford, Sanford Central Park and various other industrial parks and sites throughout the county. The FTZ offers duty and tariff exemptions on imported materials used in the manufacturing of products for export, thereby reducing overall manufacturing costs. SFB is also home to the 395-acre Sanford Airport Commerce Park and incubator, and the Airport Enterprise Center, consisting of 13,500 square feet. The commerce park offers rail service and is easily accessed by major roadways including the Central Florida Green Way.Seminole County has prepared for growth with everything from a new expressway to pre-approved development sites, specialized job training and infrastructure incentives. The county’s public-school system is rated among the highest in the state, and the median household effective buying income is the highest in the region. The county’s workforce is highly diversified and provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for resident and transients with diverse educational and trade skill backgrounds. The leading employment by industry consists of education and health services (18%), government (17%), retail trade (16%), and leisure/hospitality (11%).

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