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Commercial Services

Our commercial property appraisers have extensive experience with various property types and geographical locations. The Market Connection realizes that each appraisal assignment is unique. As such, each appraisal problem is diligently addressed and handled with the utmost care and attention. Our team is well equipped with up-to-date resources, technology, and education to assure accurate results. Each commercial real estate appraisal goes through an extensive internal review process, which ensures the highest quality for every appraisal.


Commercial Appraisals

Commercial appraisals encompass a variety of commercial uses such as vacant land, agricultural, industrial, institutional, multi-family, and special purpose properties. Typical property assignments include but are not limited to:

• Office
• Medical
• Retail
• Warehouse
• Light Manufacturing
• Auto Repair Facilities
• Dealerships
• Banks
• Shopping Centers
• Day Care Facilities
• Free Standing Retail
• Planned Developments
• Churches
• Institutions
• Multi-Family Housing
• Plant Nurseries
• Vacant Land
• Special Purpose Facilities

Commercial appraisals can often provide clarity in regards to specific value concerns. Common purposes for a commercial appraisal include:

• Financing
• Acquisition
• Portfolio Management
• Tax Appeal
• Estate Planning
• Insurance Valuation
• Asset Evaluation
• Family Law

Fees are based on the type of property being appraised and type of report requested. Please contact us for a free quote.



Consulting often involves the consideration of specific needs and objectives of the client and differs on a case-by-case basis. These services typically do not involve the development of an opinion of value, yet still offer valuable data to solve the problem at hand.


Market Studies

The study of influences upon client and/or consumer behavior and the analysis of market characteristics directly related to market trends. Market studies may include a forecast of general economic conditions as related to fundamental determinates of demand in a particular market. General economic conditions may include the study of demand for a specified type of real estate project in the future which may include as estimate of such things as absorption rates, current and forecasted market rents, supply and demand trends in a particular market, real estate appreciation and depreciation forecasts and trends, and current cost indexes and/or market trends.


Appraisal Reviews

The act or process of developing an analysis, recommendation, or opinion to solve a problem where an opinion of value is a component of the analysis leading to the assignment results. An appraisal consulting assignment typically involves an opinion of value but does not necessarily consist of an appraisal or an appraisal review as its primary purpose.


Insurable Value

An insurance appraisal requests the reconstruction value of the improvements as with like-kind material, no consideration of depreciation, and the exclusion of the underlying land value. The scope of work is generally defined as the Replacement Cost Value “As Is” and should be appraised as such. This type of appraisal is most often used by lenders to determine the potential loss associated with the improvements and by insurers in an effort to determine coverage amounts used to set insurance premiums binding coverage.


Construction Draw Inspections

Our expertise in the area of construction allows us to properly evaluate and report the accuracy of the draw request (including change orders), note construction phase completion, and identify on-site stored materials. Construction draw inspections performed by The Market Connection will include a routine site inspection of the contractor’s payment request and evaluation of the representations made in each line item of the contractor’s cost statements.